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Radio Orange 94,0 in Vienna, Austria is the first and only independent radio station in Vienna. 94.0 was once the meeting place of an incredibly active "radio outlaws" scene in Vienna, because all of Austria seemed to be solidly in the grip of the broadcasting monopoly which many critical people did not like. An association was born out of this, which after more than five years and after a lot of pushing and pulling at the political level, was able finally to obtain a broadcasting license. It was a joyous moment and then the real work started. After changing its name to Orange 94.0 this independent radio station began broadcasting in August 1998. Over 400 people work in independent broadcasting at Orange 94.0 today. Due to its self-identification as an alternative media project, Orange 94.0 does not restrict itself only to broadcasting. It is also involved in many other projects. More information at: