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The project Polyphonia began in mid-December in the following radio stations (country, city): Radio Dreyeckland (D-Freiburg), Radio Ondarossa (I-Rome), Radio Contrabanda (E-Barcelona), Radio Orange 94,0 (A-Vienna) and Amarc Europe.

Polyphonia receives its support in the context of the Anti-Discrimination Programme of the EU. It will be running through the year 2001 and its goal is to strengthen the position of those who are faced with discrimination as well as those who actively work against discrimination in non-commercial, independent radios, simultaneously using the medium "radio" itself to this end. The project is aimed at various groups, who in their turn are confronted with different kinds of discrimination as well as at those who are fighting against such discrimination. Discrimination which stems from racism, because of ethnicity or national origin, discrimination because of sexual orientation, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual, and discrimination because of physical handicaps clearly differ from one another as to their causes, their form, and the consequences for those affected by discrimination. Yet at the same time there are similarities, not the least of which are to be found in the experiences of those who actively work against marginalization and violence. Especially for this reason Polyphonia is intended as a forum for different groups to come to together in order to: 1) discuss differences and similarities, 2) exchange ideas about possibilities and difficulties in the struggle against discrimination, 3) build networks extending beyond one single group, in individual countries as well as internationally, and 4) consider how independent radio as a medium for non-discriminating groups and projects can be better utilized.

The programme for 2001 includes various events:
Three days of special activities: International Day Against Racism (21 May), Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride, 29 June) and World Day of the Handicapped (3 December) * National Conventions in April * a Transnational Congress in November * the organisation of round-tables, discussion panels and radio programmes * the production of a CD.